The Veins of Eora

Level 4
Quest Type Main Quest
Region Neketaka
Location Serpent's Crown
Reward/s 3,375 EXP
Quest ID CP_QST_Neketaka

The Veins of Eora is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire.  Locate more pillars of luminous adra and learn the intention of Eothas.


Important NPCs



  1. Locate more pillars of luminous adra
  2. Reach the city Neketaka
  3. Reach Kahanga Palace in the Serpent's Crown district.



  • At the Arena Sub-Level you will find a pillar of Adra that can connect you to Eothas. After you activate the pillar and acquire the note of Oderisi. Return to Governor Clario, he will review your next destination.
  • Reach the Neketaka (located north-east of Port Maje), visit Serpent's Crown and speak to the queen in her palace. You will acquire the next quest, A Distant Light.





  • The Veins of Eora
    • Eothas is drawing essence from the pillars of luminous adra in the region. Whatever he means to do with all this power, tracking down these pillars may be the only way to pick up his trail.
  • Locate more pillars of luminous adra
    • I can't sense Eothas' presence any longer, which means I won't be able to track him down directly. But if Eothas is using the luminous adra pillars throughout the Deadfire Archipelago as a source of energy, I may be able to pick up his trail again by finding more luminous adra sites.
    • The Vailian Trading Company has a vested interest in locating luminous adra. Governor Clario may be able to point me in the right direction.
    • Governor Clario mentioned that the Vailian Trading Company in particular would know where the prominent adra sites are located. Their headquarters is near the harbor in the city of Neketaka.
    • With the governor dead, I'm not likely to find much assistance in town. Perhaps the Steward will have some idea of where to go from here. She's still half-buried in the sand on the beach.
    • Someone must have been in charge of all the excavation work going on at the ruins. Perhaps I can find more information in Port Maje.
    • My ship is back out at sea. Now that I'm the captain, I'll have to keep an eye on the supplies and crew.
  • Reach the city of Neketaka
    • Many have come to the Huana city of Neketaka to seek their fortunes in luminous adra. If anyone knows where any large pillars of note may be found, I'm likely to find them there.
    • Governor Clario mentioned that the Vailian Trading Company in particular would know where the prominent adra sites are located. Their headquarters is near the harbor in the city of Neketaka.
    • Neketaka is some distance north and slightly east of Port Maje. I can follow the reef toward the city.
  • Reach Kahanga Palace in the Serpent's Crown district
    • My arrival in the city hardly went unnoticed. Berath certainly saw to that. With the harbormaster out of the way, I'm free to look for the Kahanga Palace in the Serpent's Crown district at the top of the mountain.


End States

  • I've learned that Eothas has made another appearance, this time on the outpost of Hasongo.
  • I wore out my welcome at the palace. For now, I have only a name to go on: Hasongo.
  • Having heard my report from Hasongo, the queen invited me to speak with her in private, on the roof of the palace.
  • I picked up Eothas' trail at Magran's Teeth.


Tips & Tricks

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