Helping Hands

Level 1
Quest Type Side Quest
Region Port Maje
Location Villario's Rest
Reward/s 742 ~ 2596 EXP
Up to 4 crew members
Quest ID 09_QST_Crew_Members

Helping Hands is a Side Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire.  For this side quest, The Defiant has run aground, and its crew is either dead or scattered. There may be survivors around that are waiting to be found, and it is up to you to search for them.


Important NPCs



  1. Search for members of your crew.




  • One of the Crew, Irrena, can be found on the deck of Defiant. To get there, you need to pass Athletics check (2 or more) or use Rope and Grappling Hook that can be found inside a crate near the crash site. You can carry her back to the beach if you have (15) Might and (2) Athletics, if not you need to have 2 survival skills to help her.
  • Another crew named Chitupec can be found at the north of the beach, he's been attacked by a boar so prepared for a fight. He'll only appear if you decide to save his life during the prologue.
  • Eld Engrim can be found on a road leading east. He also gives you some clue about fixing your ship. (Quest Stranded)
  • Beodul can be found inside Sea Cave, surrounded by some traps. Help him get rid of the traps and he will wait for you outside. You can do the following:
    • Disable the traps which require (1) Mechanics
    • Guide him through the traps which require (11) Perception
    • Force him to pass by teasing him and calling him a coward with (2) Bluff
    • Set the traps yourself by throwing stones at it which requires (13) Intellect or (2) Sleight of Hand. or;
    • Initiate a fight with an enemy, and lure the enemies towards the traps. However, Beodul must survive during combat.
  • Once everyone is freed, meet them at the rendezvous point to complete the quest.





  • Helping Hands
    • The Defiant has run aground, and its crew is dead or scattered. There may be more survivors to be found.
  • Search for members of your crew
    • A crew will be of use in maneuvering the ship. Perhaps there are survivors somewhere on the beach.
    • One survivor was seen heading towards a nearby cave to the north.
    • I found Irrena on the deck of the Defiant. She'll need a hand getting down.
    • Irrena has been killed.
    • Irrena's made it off the Defiant.
    • Beodul wandered into a trap. He'll need my help getting out again.
    • Beodul has been killed.
    • I got Beodul out of his predicament.
    • I found Eld Engrim by a road leading east. He seems to be doing fine for himself.
    • Eld Engrim has been killed.
    • Vela has been killed.
    • Chitupec has survived the wreck of the Defiant in one piece.
    • Chitupec has been killed.


End States

  • My old crew's dead and gone. Maneuvering the ship may be more difficult on my own, but at least my company is improved.
  • I didn't have the time to waste on finding my old crew. I left them on the island.
  • I couldn't save all of my old crew, but at least I won't be managing the ship entirely on my own.
  • We lost plenty of people in the wreck, but I managed to find a few of the old crew.


Tips & Tricks

  • *NOTE: Depending on who survives the pirate battle and the decisions you made during the Prologue, some of them won't appear at the crash site.



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