Of Like Minds

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Of Like Minds is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. 


Important NPCs

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  1. Speak with Captain Furrante of the Príncipi in Dunnage.
  2. Meet with Master Kua on Crookspur.
  3. Assist Captain Furrante.
  4. Return to the director.
  5. Assist Master Kua.
  6. Investigate the island of Crookspur.
  7. Return to the director.
  8. ??



  • After you find out the plot of Royal Deadfire Company against VTC. Speak to the Director at VTC headquarters.
  • Travel to Dunnage and meet Captain Furrante. He will send you to slaver island of Crookspur. (quest A Shrewd Proposition)
  • Assist Master Kua in quest Tip of the Spear.
  • Return to the director.


Tips & Tricks

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