Engwithan Digsite is a location in Pillars of Eternity 2.


Engwithan Digsite


Notes & Tips

This place has a lot of sub-areas, like Ancient Training Hall, Foreman's Quarters, and Luminous Adra Pool. There are some enemies in these subareas as well as lootable.

At the bottom of the Arena, there's some panthers. Kill them and free the researchers in the cage nearby, you will learn what happened here and find potential companion Aloth.

If you play on Path of the Damned difficulty level, some boars along with panthers and the drake will be waiting for you at the arena pit. Choose your build, party composition and tactics carefully or just attempt to sneak past foes into Arena Sub-Level - the beasts will be gone after you obtain Oderisi's Notes and come back.

General Information

  • Location: Island Maje
  • Recommended Level: 3




Notable NPCs:



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