Mewnan's Broad Belt

Type Waist Armor
Effects Tumbler: +2 Athletics

Mewnan's Broad Belt is an unique Accessory in Pillars of Eternity 2.



All Glanfathan children know the story of the orlan folk hero Mewnan and his time on the run from the cruel Dyrwoodan slaver, Dôen. Cornered after many weeks fleeing his pursuers, Mewnan took shelter among the tents and pavilions of the Sercws Chwdroth, a wandering carnival, where the circus master Rik the Larger took pity and hid him from the devilish Dyrwoodans.

Mewnan showed the circus master his magic belt, which he had stolen from the candy house of the bog hag Evhildwn. The belt, he said, gave him the strength of five aumaua and agility greater than any elf. Amazed, Rik brought Mewnan into his circus as an acrobat. Mewnan soon became famous for his daring tumbling routines and acts of vigor.

When the greedy circus master saw how the crowds loved Mewnan, he became envious. One day he betrayed Mewnan to Dôen. When the slaver arrived to collect his quarry, Mewnan shocked him by leaping clear over Dôen's head onto the villain's own horse. Mewnan laughed as he rode to freedom and many other adventures. How his magic belt made its way here is another story altogether.



Mewnan's Broad Belt Information

  • Value: 110 cp



Mewnan's Broad Belt Location/Acquire

    • Dropped by Reeking-Horror (unique rotghast) in the northern part of Old City; it rises along with other rotghasts after you take Min's Fortune sabre from the adventurer's corpse.





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