Champion's Cape

Type Cape 
Effects Battle Awareness: Incoming Melee attacks that target Deflection and Miss have a 10% chance of allowing an instant Primary Attack Riposte
Rivalries: +3% Action Speed and Weapon Damage for each enemy Engaging the wearer

Champion's Cape is an Accessory in Pillars of Eternity 2.



Embroidered with stylized stelgaers, spiders, and boars, this cape was awarded to you upon being named Champion of the Hunt in the Kazuwari Crucible games. While a helmet is the traditional prize awarded to the victor, you are not the first godlike to win the games. For champions with god-touched brows such as yours, this one-size-fits-all cape is given instead of the usual helm.



Champion's Cape Information

  • Price: 
  • ??



Champion's Cape Location/Acquire

    • ??





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