Using the Console you can modify various game parameters in Pillars of Eternity 2. To unlock console commands (aka cheats), open the console by pressing (~) and type: iroll20s.

WARNING: Activating the console commands causes achievements to be disabled for that game and may cause unpredictable bugs.


List of Commands



Iroll20s Allows you to use all of the commands on this list and disables achievements.
AttributeScore <playername> <attributename> <amount> Set an attribute of a target to value X e.g. "AttributeScore Player Might 18" - will give the player character a base Might score of 18). (Companions need to follow a syntax of Companion_<name>. Certain companions have different command names compared to their actual name, e.g. Grieving Mother is "Companion_gm".)
Skill <target> <skillname> <value> Sets a selected skill of a target to value. "skill player athletics 6" - will give the player character a base Athletics score of 6). Modifiers from classes, leveling and items will be added to this number.

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