Minor Grimoire Imprint


Keywords: Enchanting
Cast Time: 3.0 sec
Recovery Time: 0.0 sec
Range: 10m
Noise: Loud (Use) / Quiet (Impact)

Foe Target:

Steals a Level 3 or lower spell | Accuracy vs. Fortitude

Gives the caster access to one 'free' spell from the target's (wizard, druid or priest) spell list, allowing them to cast a spell of 3rd level or lower that is not currently in their grimoire an unlimited number of times.

Minor Grimoire Imprint is an active Wizard Ability in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire.  Abilities are usually class-specific, and players may opt to make a Multiclass character in order to pick from a mixture of two different ability trees. However, rarely some Abilities can be found in 2 or more Classes.




Minor Grimoire Imprint Information




Minor Grimoire Imprint Tips & Notes

  • In the turn-based mode, this ability has the Initiative of 0.







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