Wands in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire is a weapon category. Wands are one-handed ranged weapons, it is considered as the smallest magical weapon that is usually constructed from wood or bone. Although it may not be as powerful as a scepter or rod, wands are capable of conjuring arcane energy more quickly. Wands proficiency grants Interfering Barrage, focus wand attacks to interfere with the enemies' ability to attack effectively, at the cost of damage. This page covers a full list of all the unique Wands that are found in the game.


Unique Wands

Name & Icon


Recovery Time



A Whale of a Wand
12-20 pierce 3s 10

This weapon can be obtained at The Orrery during the quest: Bekarna's Folly.

The Weyc's Wand
12-20 pierce 3s 10

This weapon can be located in a trapped chest in the Quarantined Section of the Forgotten Sanctum.

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