Watcher Abilities in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire are actions that may only be performed by the Main Character (the watcher). All abilities are divided into active and passive abilities.


Screenshot of 2 known abilities:

Your second ability will depend on your response in the scripted interaction with Eothas in the Arena at Port Maje:

-Eothas! Stop! 
will grant you Chorus of the Lost - Distracted&Hobbled (Foe AoE: 2,5m radius)

-Search for your Soul.

will give you No Pity of the Lost - Distracted (Foe AoE: 2,5m radius; Steadfast Inspiration on Self)

Reach for Lost Souls.

Will give Sympathy for the Lost - Distracted (Foe AoE: 2,5m Radius); Heal 35[Base] (Ally AoE: 2,5m Radius)

Watcher Abilities


Active Abilities

Passive Abilities


Level 0




Level I










Level II










Level III














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