Type Beasts
Base Level 5
Resistances None
Immunities None
Weaknesses None
Abilities Wounded Boar, Gore
Drops Tusk

Boar is an Enemy in Pillars of Eternity 2.


Wild boars are considered a nuisance and danger in the areas where most colonists settle. Aggressive and fearless, boars have killed many human and elven children as well as fully grown orlans. Packs of boars can be a threat to any traveler or explorer. They are notoriously difficult to put down, but their tusks are valued by traders and enchanters.

Wild boars are deemed pests by most communities, as wherever they are introduced, they are likely to out-compete the local fauna. Their uncanny adaptability has made them difficult to eradicate.



Boar information

  • Damage: 13-17 Slash/Pierce
  • Damage (LH): 13-17 Slash/Pierce
  • Attributes: 15 Mig, 14 Con, 8 Dex, 9 Per, 12 Int, 15 Res

Difficulty level / Stats

Base Health

Base Acc






Path of the Damned 123 56 52 8 (6slash, 6corrode) 65 41 46


Boar Location


Boar Drop



Notes and Tips

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