A Charmed character fights for their former enemies, but will only use basic attacks, no abilities. -5 Intellect.

Charmed is one of the Afflictions in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Afflictions are explicitly bundled sets of status effects that can be applied to, suspended, or fully removed from a character. While some afflictions have explicit overriding or exclusivity rules, most afflictions can co-exist with other afflictions.



Charmed Notes & Tips

  • Paladins are resistant to charmed.
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Abilities That Cause Charmed



Abilities That Remove Charmed

  • Paladin's melee attacks remove Charmed from allies if the paladin has Aegis of Loyalty.passive ability.
  • Smart Inspiration cancels and removes the Confused, Charmed, and Dominated Afflictions.
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Blinded  ♦  Confused  ♦  Distracted  ♦  Dominated  ♦  Flanked  ♦  Frightened  ♦  Hobbled  ♦  Immobilized  ♦  Paralyzed  ♦  Petrified  ♦  Prone  ♦  Shaken  ♦  Sickened  ♦  Stunned  ♦  Terrified  ♦  Unconscious  ♦  Weakened


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