Corroded Bronze Horn Figurine


Uses: 1 per rest

Uses (charges): 8

Cast Time: 0.5 sec

Recovery Time: 4.0 sec

Range: 12m

Duration: 30 sec

Noise: Quiet (Use) / Quiet (Impact)



Corrupted Adra Animat


The surface of this ancient bronze horn is green with corrosion. Engwithan runes wind around the artifact from the bell to the mouthpiece. The glyphs were scrawled hastily and are nearly illegible, though it is possible to decipher portions of it. The message appears to be a warning of some kind. 

Corroded Bronze Horn Figurine is a Figurine in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Figurines are consumable Items used to summon creatures to fight for your party. These summons will disappear when their duration expires.



Corroded Bronze Horn Figurine Information

  • Where to find: Old City, a corpse in the northern part, near the circle of rotghast corpses
  • Keywords: Figurines
  • Related Talents: ??
  • Value: 180 cp
  • ??



Corroded Bronze Horn Figurine Tips & Notes

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  • ??
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