Figurines in Pillars of Eternity 2 are used to summon creatures to fight for your party. These summons will disappear when their duration expires.

Since 1.2 patch figurines are consumables with s limited number of charges and an additional limitation of being used 1 time per rest.


Figurines Information




Laughing Imp Cameo 2 Brine Imp The Huaro encounter (after Streetwise skillcheck)
Obsidian Lamp Figurine Shade Sold by The Spindle Man in Delver's Row
Clay Grub Figurine Cave Grublings Sold by Hunter at Queen's Berth district, Neketaka
Luminous Adra Cameo 1 Adragan Sold in The Dark Cupboard (Periki's Overlook district, Neketaka)
Twisted Root Doll Vine Lurker Sold by Cuitztli (Periki's Overlook district, Neketaka)
Opal Tear Cameo 1 Siren Sold in The Treasure Trove (Radiant Court district, Dunnage)
Corroded Bronze Horn Figurine Corrupted Adra Animat Old City: northern part, on a corpse near the circle of rotghast corpses 
Ivory Wurm Figurine Wurms  Arkemyr's Manor: in the vault 
Beloved Knight Doll 1 Valiant Aedyran Knight The Deck of Many Things: sold by Captain Thaenic
Berath's Throwing Bones Shade The Deck of Many Things: sold by Captain Thaenic
Permafrost Shard 2 Greater Ice Blight Harbingers' Retreat (Beast of Winter DLC): hidden in the bed


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      I have a question about " Whenever a folk is below Bloodied or Near Death " , does that mean whenever someone with the same folk gets hurt do all with the same folk gets a bonus?. because human always stand together with fighting spirit?

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