Pikes in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire is a weapon category. Pikes are two-handed melee weapons, this weapon is commonly used by soldiers and explorers in the Drywood. It is a powerful two-handed long-range piercing weapon that allows its wielder to attack their enemies at a long reach. Pikes proficiency grants Exposing Strikes, use the pike's reach to set your opponent's off guard, exposing their weak points to your allies at the cost of reduced damage. This page covers a full list of all the unique Pikes that are found in the game.


Unique Pikes

Name & Icon


Recovery Time



Lance of the Midwood Stag
23-31 pierce 4s 10

This item can be looted during a task: Bounty - Biakara.

Wicked Beast
23-31 pierce 4s 10

This weapon is dropped by Estulario Parfitto, Captain of the Aimo do Spirente. You can find him patrolling near Port Maje. (need -3 VTC reputation)

Ngati's Tusk
26-35 pierce 4s 11

This weapon is acquired after completing The Seeker's Path: The Lagufaeth Brood trial.

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