Desert Wurm

Type Beasts
Base Level 4
Resistances None
Immunities None
Weaknesses None
Abilities Enrage
Drops Claw, FangScoria

Desert Wurm is an Enemy in Pillars of Eternity 2.


Young dragons begin their life cycle as wurms, though most never develop beyond that stage. Wurms are clever and sly, but not especially intelligent. To develop into a drake - and eventually a dragon - a wurm must have ample space and resources. They will not develop if they live near existing drakes and dragons. They must seek out a habitat that has not already been claimed by a larger counterpart.

Since the chances of further development are low, most wurms will band together in covens for survival. Yet they remain bold and highly aggressive creatures, so the covens they form tend not to last long.




Desert Wurm information

  • Damage: 14-20 Burn
  • Damage (LH): None
  • Attributes: 11 Mig, 12 Con, 17 Dex, 12 Per, 7 Int, 11 Res

Stats table (without level-scaling):

Difficulty level / Stats

Base Health

Base Acc






Story     35 7 (4pierce, 10burn) 35 47 25
Path of the Damned 120 61 50 9 (6pierce, 12burn) 50 62 40


Desert Wurm Location


Desert Wurm Drop



Notes and Tips

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