Helm of the White Void

Type Helmet 
Effects Crystallized Armor: 10% of incoming Grazes from weapons converted to Misses
Rymrgand's Influence: +10 Accuracy with Body / Mind Affliction attacks. 

Helm of the White Void is a Helm in Pillars of Eternity 2.



The shards of ice crowning this helm radiate a malignant chill, utterly resisting the glare of the Deadfire sun. It smells musty within, as if worn for centuries by the frozen corpse of a pale elf.

Too cold for comfort on even the hottest days, the helm plagues the wearer with endless whispers at the edge of hearing. Strangely, this helm looks far more like something you'd expect of Engwith than of the White that Wends.



Helm of the White Void Information

  • Value: 760 cp 



Helm of the White Void Location/Acquire





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