Helmets in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire are covered on this page. In Pillars of Eternity 2, Helmets can provide various of protection.



Unique Helmets

Name Item Bonuses Location
Acina's Tricorn
Shootist: +5 Ranged Accuracy, -10% Reload Time Can be bought in the Tikawara Trading Post
Blackblade's Hood
Hawk-eye: +1 Perception, 5% of Hits converted to Crits with Ranged weapons
Duelist: +10% Action Speed with Daggers, Rapiers, and Stilettos
Reward given by Captain Aeldys, for completing the quest A Shrewd Proposition.
Cap of the Laughingstock Village Fool: aura 2.5m for allies, Immune to Resolve afflictions, -10 Deflection
Belled: -1 to Stealth
The Deck of Many Things: Sold by Zidacco.
Cowl of the Piercing Gaze
Woedica's Wisdom: +1 Perception, +1 Religion, +1 Insight Dropped by Inquisitor Lődwyn in Oathbinder's Sanctum
Defiant Apparel
Captain's Eye: Resistance to Perception afflictions Grants Captain's Eye Pre-order Bonus
Fair Favor
Swashbuckling: 10% Hit to Crit chance and 10% Crit Damage with Daggers, Rapiers, Sabres, Stilettos, and Swords Serafen Loyalty 2
Hazanui's Crested Hat
??? ???
Helm of the White Void Crystallized Armor: 10% of incoming Grazes converted to Misses from weapons
Rymrgand's Influence: +10 Accuracy with Body Affliction/Mind Affliction attacks
Temple of Decline: a frozen corpse near Vytmádh portal
Horns of the Aurochs On hit or crit, wearer's next successful attack does additional freeze damage. Immune to Push and Pull effects. Harbingers' Watch - Outcrop on High / The Higher-Ups
Kana's Hat
??? ???
Mask of the Grotto Deep
Deadly Acumen: +2 Intellect, +1 Power Levels for all Poison keyword Abilities
Shadow Fang: Melee weapon attacks from stealth apply Raw Damage over time to target
Toxic Coils: Grants Toxic Coils
Loot of the Kraken in Cignath Mór. Disobeying Galawainin the quest Overgrowth.
Serpent Crown
Royal Plumage: +1 Intellect, +1 Perception
Serpent's Strike: +10 Accuracy, -25% Recovery Time for 15s when critically hit
Looted from Queen Onekaza II
Thaos' Headdress
Authority: +1 Intellect; grants Mantle of Authority
Conspirator: +5 Accuracy and +5% Damage to Flanked targets
Equipped by Aloth if he becomes the Leaden Key grandmaster.
Whitewitch Mask
Gaze and Despair: Ability activated when wearer becomes Bloodied Grants Ryngrim's Repulsive Visage
Look Not Upon: Grants Ryngrim's Enervating Terror
Fearful Geometries: +1 All Illusion Power Levels
Sold by the Merchant The Spindle Man
Blackened Plate Helm
Pallid Countenance: +1 enemies Engaged, +1 Intellect, +1 Perception Quartermaster Harka in the Sea-Lashed Crypt interior.
Copperhead's Helm
Spell Scattering: -20% Damage taken from spells, -8 Accuracy with Spells Equipped by Copperhead
Death's Maw
Death Runes: Grants Death Runes Sold by the Merchant Alteria in Port Maje
Deltro's Cage Helm
Conduit: Receiving Shock Damage grants the wearer's attacks additional Shock Damage for 10s Looted from Ezzali Bardatto
Heaven's Cacophony
Divine Knowledge: +2 Intellect, +1 Religion
Shout of Hosts: Grants Shout of Hosts
Heaven's Wrath: Grants Avenging Storm
Sold by the Merchant Wanika in Queen's Berth
Helm of the Falcon
Falcon's Wings: 15% of incoming Hits converted to Grazes from Ranged weapons
Raptor's Grip: -10% Recovery Time with two-handed Melee weapons
Sold by the Merchant on the beach of Crookspur.
Horns of The Bleak Mother
Beast's Cunning: +1 Perception, Resistance to Resolve afflictions
Against Claw and Horn: +10 Accuracy against Beasts
 Sold by by the merchant Wanika in Queen's Berth.
Okura's Kettle
Boil Over: 33% chance to cast Boiling Spray at enemy when wearer is Critically Hit in melee
Seasoned Iron: +2 Burn Armor Rating
Hearth and Home: Grants Hearth and Home
Sold by Merchant Tiabo in  the Sacred Stair district of Neketaka.
Pearlescent Rhomboid Helstone
Helstone: 10% Chance to Reflect against Spells
Shifting Chroma: Grants Shifting Chroma (+1 Armor Rating, Concetration, -5% Damage taken, +3 All Defenses, 10% Chance to Reflect against Spells)

Sold by by the merchant Una in Serpent's Crown in the daytime.

Rekvu's Fractured Casque
Immortal Will: Grants Immortal Will

Sold by by the merchant Imuani in Delvers' Row.







    • 14 Jul 2018 00:08  

      Do you have the latest patch? Taos' Headdress gives only 5% damage to flanked and Whitewitch Mask only +1 to Illusion Power Levels as to 1.2 patch.

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