Ingredients in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire is a material. Ingredients are used to upgrade gear such as Weapons, Shields, and Armor; it is also used to craft various items. Ingredients can be obtained from looting bodies of enemies, found scattered in certain Locations, rewards for completing Quests, and are given by NPCs or sold by Merchants. This page covers a full list of all the ingredients that are found in the game.


Ingredients in POE2


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Adra Ban

"White adra" is an extraordinarily rare precious stone found in some formations of adra. It sometimes appears immediately adjacent to copper conductors used in Engwithan structures. It has a luminescent white color with pink and violet veins striations running through it.


Agates are common on Eora, oft-used by craftsmen for their bright colors. Their considerable hardness also lends them a variety of more practical applications.

Aged Shark Meat

Myriad species of shark hunt in the waters of the Deadfire. They are dangerous and difficult to catch, but their meat and teeth fetch a high price at market, if an angler has the gumption to challenge such a beast.


A gemstone formed from ancient tree resin, amber occurs in many possible colors, from deep red to nearly green. It is most commonly found in a deep gold hue and seems to glow with an internal flame.


Named for the sea, these beryl stones boast brilliant blue sufaces. Often found loose along rocky shores, aquamarine has traditionally been associated by the dwarves of Old Vailia with both Ondra and Abydon.

Awakened Adra

A vibrantly-hued piece of adra, still humming with energy.

Awakened Root

The forked branches of this cluster of roots seem to reach longingly for the living soil.

Awakened Wood

This irregular chunk of wood seems to hold a trace of life within it.

Berath's Bell

This flowering plant has drooping flowers of a somber blue and gold shade. Both the sweet-smelling leaves and berries of the plant are known to be extremely poisonous, toxic to grazing animals and people alike.

Binding Copper

These tight coils of gleaming copper are typically found in conjunction with adra, where they effect peculiar changes.

Black Pearl

A symbol of Ondra, black pearls are prized by sailors across Eora as well as the natives of the Deadfire. To the ancient Huana, it was believed that a warrior with one in their possession would feel no fear.

Blood Moss

This moss grows in sprawling clumps, and its dull crimson hue earned it its name. It is a common sight in more humid regions, where locals say that the moss resembles wounds at the base of trees where it is found.

Brutish Blood

The potent blood of a monstrous beast. It seems darker and thicker than the blood of kith and produces a musky stink when exposed to the air.


The segmented, armor-like shell of a very large beetle.

Cave Coral

This peculiar red fungus is typically found in damp caves. Its hollow, cage-like formations resemble sea coral, from which it takes its name.

Chitin Leg

This bristled leg twitches sporadically, as if it does not yet know it has been severed from its source.


Found on both beasts and wilder, claws are valued throughout the Deadfire, especially as hunting trophies. Many communities measure a hunter's esteem by the claws strung around their neck.


Usually caught by accident in fishing nets or crab traps, these cunning creatures often find themselves in the pot nonetheless. The tentacles and mantle are usually sautéed or fried, though some connoisseurs prefer to eat it raw.

Dank Spores

These small, feather-thin spores have delicate, stinging barbs by which they cling to surfaces, passing creatures, and the inside of nostrils.


A common egg, as produced by a common hen.


Agates are common on Eora, oft-used by craftsmen for their bright colors. Their considerable hardness also lends them a variety of more practical applications.


A predator's fang.

Fire Kelp

This spicy ocean weed fortifies the body and aids digestion. It is a key component in many Huana dishes, added both for color and flavor.

Gaensvef Berries

These strange berries have a delicate, feathered surface. They are used in the production of Svef, a powerful, hallucinogenic drug. Though originally grown in distant Tal Kness, Gaensvef plants have been transplanted and cultivated in the Deadfire, where the alternating wet and dry seasons provide ideal growing conditions.


A highly rare stone, emeralds are usually thought of as green but in some cases can be completely colorless. The discovery of an emerald deposit generally means a lifetime of prosperity for its discoverer.

Glaive Berries

The glaive bush is widely hated by farmers. It is known for sprouting up in fields in large numbers, seemingly overnight. Small berries ripen and fall to the ground in a matter of days.


Gunpowder has been used in the Old Empires and Eastern Reach for several centuries, but it is only in the past two hundred years that it has been put to use in cannons and personal weapons. A blend of charcoal, niter, and sulfur, in precise proportion, gunpowder burns quickly when ignited, making it an ideal propellant.


This curved horn could make an excellent trophy or drinking cup. Fine horns are highly prized by artisans, as they take well to carving.

Huona Mahe

Huona mahe, or "the dangerous family," is a type of highly toxic, clustering mushrooms, usually found in warm, moist areas. They have a tendency to burst into clouds of deadly spores if handled incorrectly.

Ink Harp

Often found in dark, damp places, these tiny mushrooms ooze a thin, blue-black liquid when squeezed. They are most commonly gathered and rendered into dyes or writing ink.


Jade is a dense stone more commonly found in the Deadfire than in the Old Empires or Eastern Reach. Some tribes use jade for small knives and fishhooks, but it is far more frequently used for buttons, beads, and other decorative arts.

Lagufaeth Liver

The liver of an adult lagufaeth. It reeks of bile and whatever other strange humors their bodies produce.

Large Fang

A massive fang from a monstrous predator.


A clutch of writhing larvae. Blind and hungry, they move instinctively towards any source of food.

Leathery Wing

A clawed, spindly wing, spanned by translucent membranes. After removal, it has curled into itself and stiffened.

Living Iron

Suffused with soul essence during the smelting process, this iron resists corrosion and enjoys reduced brittleness.

Living Steel

Infused with soul essence, this polished steel weighs remarkably little. It feels cold to the touch.

Luminous Adra Dust

A trace amount of luminous adra.

Mohorā Meat

Once a near omnipresent dish throughout the Deadfire, whale meat has fallen in demand with the introduction of more reliable meat sources and advancements in commercial fishing. Mohorā is still a vital food source among the wayfinders of the Huana.

Mother of Pearl

Mother of pearl can be scraped from the outer layer of pearls, though it is most commonly harvested from the shells of some clams and sea snails. It is prized for its subtle iridescence and is often used to create jewelry or as an inlay for wooden furniture and instruments.


An uncommon gemstone of deep black, onyx sometimes displays colored bands. Craftsmen and artisans carve it for purposes both practical and artistic.

Ooze Plasma

A congealed mass of thick and opaque jelly.

Orlan's Cradle

Named by Readceran settlers, who came upon the mushrooms in the forest, this thick, flat fungus grows along the base of large trees.

Palm Slats

Because palms do not form annual rings, these thin slats of lusterless wood are free from knots and similar defects. Due to the rarity of paper in the Deadfire, natives of the region prefer palm slats for writing surfaces.


The removed skin of a slain beast, this pelt retains the fur of its bearer. Pelts like this find use throughout Eora in clothing, armors, and other crafted goods.


Found almost exclusively in a pale green color, peridot is a glassy stone that is easy to find, but difficult to find in specimens of gem-worthy quality.

Pox Cap

Despite their humble appearance, these small brown mushrooms are prized for their taste. Their caps are round and distinctively shaped, with small circular depressions dotting the surface.

Primal Flame

This bright little flame leaps and sparks with magical energy.

Primal Rock

A chiseled portion of rock, slate-gray and pocked with gleaming minerals. When set on the ground, it floats a small distance above the earth.

Primal Water

This water is pure and clear, and seems to be perpetually in motion, even when the vessel that carries it is at rest.

Primal Wind

This whirling cloud of smoke and air flashes with occasional bursts of energy.


Pyrite's lustrous appearance has given it the moniker "gilded folly," though it shares none of gold's malleability or value. It sparks when struck against steel, however, making it invaluable as an ignition source.

Quill Leaf

The leaves of the quill bush are white-green and waxy. When cut, they produce a clear, sweet-smelling fluid prized for its application in medicine, alchemy, and the mundane practice of freshening the air.

Rahi Pods

These bright red pods grow wild in wetlands and tropical forests. In order to germinate, the seeds must be burned. Rahi pods secrete an oil that will self-ignite given proper conditions.

Ratiti Root

Transplanted by Dyrwoodan settlers long ago, this blooming plant now grows wild on most islands of the Deadfire. The roots are commonly used to create Taru Turu chew.


The gills on the underside of this unassuming mushroom are brittle and sharp enough to cut. Foragers should handle with care


The alchemical arts require a wide variety of obscure catalysts to trigger powerful effects. Alchemists store their prized reagents in small, sealed vials.

Reptilian Blood

Drained from a reptilian corpse, this dark crimson blood seems to swallow heat and light alike.

Reptilian Eye

This eye, split by a slit pupil, seems to stare hungrily at you even in death.

River Reed

These tall reeds grow along the banks of creeks and rivers They often spook travelers with the eerie whistle of the wind through their stems.


Rubies typically range in hue from pink to red, with the deeper shades being more highly valued.

Rune Powder

Rune powder, crafted through a process similiar to the techniques used to make grimoires, burns hotter and faster than black powder and is easier to ignite, making it more reliable, especially in inclement weather.


Perhaps the Deadfire's most lucrative export, salt is harvested from the sea and shipped to distant inland regions, where it can be worth its weight in gold. It is vital to preserving meats and adding flavor to dishes.


One of the world's hardest stones and also one of its rarest, sapphires are most often blue and often quite vivid in their coloration.


Leathery armored scales.


A common volcanic rock often found along the seashore, scoria ranges in color from dark brown to nearly purple, though when viewed en masse, it appears black or charcoal.

Skuldr Ear

The tattered ear of a skuldr.


Alchemists often require specific, measured components for both mixing and developing compounds. They store those that remain stable in bottles sealed with wax or cork. Wise alchemists label their solutions carefully.

Spire Sponge

This wild sponge grows along the rocks of saltwater shallows. Named for its distinct, tower-like shape, the spire sponge is gathered and used for everything from personal hygiene to bed stuffing.

Spirit Residue

Faint, ethereal wisps of soul energy made manifest.


A razor sharp talon the length of a grown aumaua's forearm.

Troll Skin

The hide of a troll is formed of what appears to be several layers of thin vines, plants, and mulch, forming a thick, nearly impenetrable skin.


Turquoise is an amorphous, semiprecious stone, opaque and blue or blue-green in its general color but often flecked with darker deposits.


The yellowed tusk of an adult wild boar.

Ta Ondra Tara

Garnets come in nearly every color, but are most frequently pictured as being red or orange.


Velune's namesake is a yellow-orange fruit found in Old Vailia. These clear gemstones bear a similar yellow-orange color and are often cut like rubies, sapphires, and emeralds.

Venom Sack

A glistening venom gland, filled with deadly fluid.

Vessel Bone

Once one of the bones to which a soul desperately clung, now it holds only traces of the life it held.

Vessel Flesh

This reeking flesh once held a bound soul. With its energy fading, the flesh is entering a rapid decay.

Vithrack Brain

The large, gelatinous brain of a vithrack. Though the vithrack are known to possess impressive powers of the mind, there is no obvious source for said power on the brain's wrinkled surface.

Xaurip Tongue

The rounded, dry tongue of a xaurip.


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