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Ale is a Drink in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Food and Drink can be used to replenish missing Health or to provide some other benefits.


Dark and sweet, malted ale is a shipboard staple, as it tends to keep better than water. As beer is not native to the Deadfire, it has become a valued trade item, often favored over foreign currency as a medium of exchange, especially in ship-to-ship transactions.


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Arrack  ♦  Daibō o Osa  ♦  Ekkevít  ♦  Fine Aedryan Mead  ♦  Forgetful Night  ♦  Grog  ♦  Khapa Tea  ♦  Lager  ♦  Meppu  ♦  Midnight Mead  ♦  Milk  ♦  Murkbrew  ♦  Rice Wine  ♦  Rum  ♦  Rymsjódda Lager  ♦  Saucco  ♦  Tani Cream  ♦  Vrer Chiora  ♦  Wael's Wind  ♦  Water  ♦  White Ynefer


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