Trophy & Achievement Guide in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire is covered on this page.


Trophy & Achievement Guide

Achievements Points can be spent on New Game +  paying for Berath's Blessings.


Name Description Points
A Brighter World Complete the Vailian Trading Company faction questline. 3
A Fleet to Call My Own Acquire each type of ship in the game. 3
A Sailor's Life Repair your ship and prepare to sail the seas. 2
Alchemist Create five or more different potions. 1
Any Port in a Storm Sail to all major ports in the Deadfire 2
Bounty Hunter Finish 15 Bounties. 3
Burning Bridges Maximize negative relationship with a Companion. 2
Conduct Unbecoming Complete the "Blow the Man Down" quest 2
Constellation Prize Complete the "Bekarna's Folly" quest 2
Decked Out Attach each type of upgrade on a single ship. 2
Dragonbane Deal with two Dragon dilemmas ?
Enchanter Enchant five items. 2
Establishing a Link Establish a link with Eothas to track his movements. ?
Explorer Name all of the Uncharted Islands. 3
Explosive Confrontation Confront Eothas in Magran's Teeth. ?
Explosives Expert Create five or more different bombs. 1
Full Complement Assign a crew member to all slots on a single ship. 2
Gathering the Party Recruited all Companions. 2
Gold, Greed, and Guts Complete the Principi faction questline. 3
Heart of the Deadfire Reach Neketaka 1
Hostile Takeover Complete the Royal Deadfire Company faction questline. 3
Infamous Captain Survive an attack from a mutinous crew. 2
Making Waves Complete the Huana faction questline. 3
Making your Mark Name your first Uncharted Island. 2
Max Level Reach level twenty with the player character. 3
Molded to Perfection Create an adventurer at an Adventurer's Hall. 1
New Gods of Deadfire Complete "Nemnok the Devourer" quest 2
Old Salt Acquired Master Captain Rank. 2
Paradise of the Mind Complete the "A Paradise of the Mind" quest 2
Recruiter Recruited all Sidekicks. 2
Sailor's Tale Acquired First Captain Rank. 2
Scribe Create three or more different spell scrolls. 2
Ship's Carpenter Attach your first ship upgrade. 2
Soulbinder Unlock all powers of a Soulbound item. 2
Steadfast Ally Maximize positive relationship with a Companion. 2
The End of the Beginning Confront Eothas in Ukaizo. ?
Trapper Place five traps. 1
Cruelty to Animals Create a pet using the Critter Cleaver.  
Rescuer Down Under Unlock all of the enclosures in the Collections.  
A Day at the Zoo Kill Memory Hoarder.  
No Card Required Complete the Archives.  
One of Them Acquire all of Weyc Heldr's items.  
Perfect Vision Confront the Oracle of Wael in the Heart of Mystery.  



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