Guardian's Plate

Type Heavy Armor 
Base 12  Burn  8
Crush  8 Corrode  12
Pierce  12 Freeze   12
Slash  12 Shock  12
Effects Superb: +3 Armor Rating;
grants Spread Chaos (+5 all defenses while afflicted (self).

Guardian's Plate is a soulbond Armor in Pillars of Eternity 2.


Though likely a thousand years have passed since the Glamfellan crafted this armor, it seems impeccably cared for - at least until it spent four centuries frozen to a corpse. The magic of the Vytmádh has permanently altered the armor, encasing it in jagged spurs of ice.Whether the armor bore these blessings of the White Void when worn by the temple guardians of centuries' past remains unclear.


Guardian's Plate Information

  • Value: 2540 cp 


Guardian's Plate Location/Acquire

    • Temple of Decline: on a frozen corpse near Vytmádh portal. Requires 16 Might, a Fire ability, a prybar, or hammer & chisel to take it out of ice.



Guardian's Plate Upgrades



Additional Effects

Reforge a soul of a follower of Rymrgand  Entropy Guard, 1 per rest ability: Immobilized, +2 Armor Rating, +4 Freeze Armor Rating for 15.0 sec
Receive 100 Afflictions   



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