Quarterstaves in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire is covered on this page.

Quarterstaves proficiency grants Defensive Strike, +20 Deflection against Melee weapons, +50% Recovery time with quarterstaff weapons. 



Quarterstaves Weapons




Recovery Time



Chromoprismatic Quarterstaff  31-41 Crush  4s  11 In a chest below the Statue of Nemnok in the Sanctum of Drowned Barrows (at 8'35" 36'38")
Street Sweeper 26-35 Crush  4s  10 6'13" 46'27"
The Spine of Thicket Green 23-31 Crush 4s 10 The Dark Cupboard (Periki's Overlook district, Neketaka)


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