Squid's Grasp



16-22 Pierce






Accurate: +5 Accuracy
Legendary: +60% Damage, +15 Accuracy, +4 Penetration
At the Ready: Cannot be Flanked
Squid's Escape: Grants Squid's Escape
Calmo's Curse: Grants Calmo's Curse

Squid's Grasp is an unique Weapon in Pillars of Eternity 2.


This unusual rapier was once the signature weapon of a widely-feared captain of the Príncipi known for pursuing his targets to the ends of the archipelago and for his ability to evade even the most determined pirate hunters of the Royal Deadfire Comapny. Azio Calmo was a man of cruel humor and dogged determination. The captain of the red-sailed sloop Cirono's Mercy, his own crew feared him as much as his foes, as Azio was as likely to inflict his sadistic punishments on underperforming underlings as the victims of his piracy. He survived four separate mutiny attempts, each time reversing the circumstances of an ambush and miraculously coming out on top. Legends spread of the wicked pirate captain with eyes in the back of his head, phenomenal reflexes, and a rapier the color of ink, made entirely of Ymyran steel.


Squid's Grasp Location/Where to find


Squid's Grasp Information

  • Price: 5807 cp
  • Recovery Time: 3s
  • Handing: One-handed
  • Squid's Escape, 1 per rest ability: breaks Engagement, diving out of range to a specific location (similarly to Escape ability); also Blinds and Confuses nearby targets. Effects: Immune to Engagement for 3.0 sec on self, AoE Blinded, Confused for 10.0 sec | Accuracy vs. Reflex
  • Calmo's Curse, aura 5m on allies: -50 All Defenses against Intellect Affliction attacks 
  • ID: ??

Squid's Grasp Upgrades





Attempted Parley +20% Action Speed when threatened by 3 or more enemies 3000 Ruby x1, Black Pearl x1, Carapace x1, Chitin Leg x1, Living Steel x1
Certain Mutiny Swift, Intuitive inspirations on self while any party member is Charmed or Dominated 3000 Reagent x1, Mother of Pearl x1, Adra Ban x1, Vithrack Brain x1, Berath's Bell x1
Cirono's Mercy Grant's Cirono's Mercy 3000 Rune Powder x1, Onyx x1, Leathery Wing x1, Ooze Plasma x1, Ink Harp x1
Remove Calmo's Curse Removes Calmo's Curse 3000 Solution x1, Reagent x1, Adra Ban x1, Spirit Residue x1, Black Pearl x1
Unseen Demise If defeated within 10 seconds of using Squid's Escape, revive with 10 Health and become Invisible 3000 Solution x1, Reagent x1, Emerald x1, Awakened Adra x1, Ink Harp x1


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