St. Drogga's Skull



13-19 Slash






Undying Flame: 20% chance to deal additional 20% Burn Damage on hit

St. Drogga's Skull is a Weapon in Pillars of Eternity 2.


Before being canonized St. Drogga the Martyr, the Templar Drogga served the priesthood of Magran in Defiance Bay. When the temple chose to send a small group of Magranites to spread the word of the faith to the people of the Deadfire (encouraged by the city's duc in an effort to curb growing Vailian influence in the archipelago), Drogga eagerly volunteered to accompany the missionaries.The mission served in the eastern islands for years before being slain to the last. Duc Durnsan Hadret hired a group of mercenaries to bring Dyrwoodan justice to the raiders responsible and secure any remains. While the group successfully avenged the missionaries, this grim trophy was all they recovered of the fated group. When the priests at the Shrine of Magran saw that the paladin's flame persisted even in death, they proclaimed her a martyr.

The Shrine of Magran granted this relic to the chapel at Caed Nua in recognition for your many services to the Dyrwood, and it somehow survived Eothas' rise from below that very structure. Returning again to the Deadfire, St. Drogga continues to cast light into the darkest shadows.


St. Drogga's Skull Location/Where to find

  • Received as part of the pre-order pack.


St. Drogga's Skull Notes/Tips

  • Price: 102 cp
  • Recovery Time: 4.0 sec
  • Range: Melee
  • Handing: One-handed, off-hand only
  • ID: ??

St. Drogga's Skull Upgrades





Flames of Retribution 20% chance to deal additional Burn Damage in AoE on Hit 3000cp  Peridot x1, Awakened Wood x1, Rahi Pods x1, Agate x1
Fine +15% Damage, +4 Accuracy, +1 Penetration 1000cp   Ta Ondra Tara x1, Peridot x1, Pyrite x1


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