Wasting Minds

Level 18
Quest Type DLC Task
Region The Black Isles
Location The Enclosures
Reward/s Potions
2,025 EXP
Quest ID lax03_tsk_02_celestial_magic_01

Wasting Minds is a Task of the DLCThe Forgotten Sanctum in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. The Watcher needs to find something that can help Bekarna focus.


Important NPCs



  1. Speak to Bekarna
  2. Find a way to restore the memories of Bekarna



  • Speak to Bekarna, she can be found in a chamber of The Enclosures.
  • The book she needs (Advanced Wistful Stargazing) can be found at Alcove of Incision of Hall of Reconfiguration. You need to steal it or fight librarians.
  • Return the book to Bekarna, then talk to her again at Temple of Revelation to get the reward. (She will give you a new quest A Rising Star)





  • Wasting Minds
    • Among the habitats of the Collections I found a captive wizard by the name of Bekarna. She seemed addled by her long imprisonment and not entirely in possession of her senses.
  • Speak to Bekarna
    • I won't learn anything about Bekarna unless I speak with her and discover what caused this malady of the mind.
  • Find a way to restore Bekarna's memory
    • Bekarna implored me to "help her find the sky again." Her focus seems drawn to that idea, almost like it could center her thoughts. Something in the Collections might help her out of this stupor.
  • Bring the book 'Advanced Wistful Stargazing' to Bekarna
    • I located a book full of information about the stars. If Bekarna wants to find the sky again, this might be what she needs to restore her senses.
  • Speak with Bekarna in the Temple of Revelation
    • After recovering her senses, Bekarna was understandably in a hurry to flee the Collections. I can find her in the Temple of Revelation and claim my reward.


End States

  • Bekarna is dead.
  • Once she returned to her senses, Bekarna left the Collections.


Tips & Tricks

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