Arkemyr's Manor

Location Periki's Overlook
Sub-Areas ??

Arkemyr, Yellow-Eye Three

Merchants ??
Quests ??

Arkemyr's Manor is a Location in Pillars of Eternity 2. Arkemyr's Manor can be found at Periki's Overlook.

This vast, classical manor stands apart from Periki's Overlook. It belongs to the Archmage Arkemyr.


 Arkemyr's Manor Information

  • It is a large building and is composed of different areas:
    • Main hallway. If the player entered the building through the main door, after breaking the lock or using the key from Fassina, he will begin exploring the manor here. Powerful ironclad constructs (plus imps) are at the end of the hallway. The player can avoid detection from the constructs or fight them.
    • Ground floor is crawling with imps. You can pacify them with Intimidate 8 or Bluff 8. Diplomacy 9 won't work because Arkemyr has no friends. Be wary of the Ironclad Constructs, as they all pack a mighty punch. The study to the northwest contains a tattered note containing the combination to the vault (diamond, ruby, ruby, sapphire, emerald), together with Arkemyr's notes on the need to investigate.
    • Upper floor. You'll find minor loot nearby - some food, water and supplies. This floor contains Arkemyr's living chamber and dining room. The imp, called Yellow-Eye Three, can be safely pickpocketed for a Translucent Crystal or pacified with enough skills (Diplomacy 9).
    • Arkemyr's bedroom. It is on the highest level of the building, that the player can get there from the roof - begin on the upper floor of the manor and choose the exit leading to the roof. Chest with a trap and a lvl9 lock - it contains an exceptional scepter and a black pearl. The opulent bedroom contains a good deal of loot, including Arkemyr's Notes, which unlock you a passphrase: Cider and cheese. Check the cupboards for Boots of Speed and Arkemyr's Old Robe. The trapped and locked chest at the head of the bed contains an Exceptional Scepter, a Black Pearl and some Golden Scellings.
    • Laboratories. A large group of imps and a storm blight are here. A lot of alchemy ingredients in nearby containers. 
    • Going further is the forge with a Steelclad Construct prototype (bring crushing tools). Around the corner and to the left is the animancy lab where Arkemyr continues his odd experiments - oh, and two constructs and a lone soul you can interact with to learn what happens to robbers. Straight ahead is a storage room, with Arkemyr's library to the right (southern door) and mushroom farm with a failed experiment (northern). Grab the Saru-Sichr in the library.
      Note that the weakened wall leads to the Luminous Bathhouse's boiler room. You can use might or a hammer and chisel to clear it (doing so alerts any remaining imps, though).


NPCs at Arkemyr's Manor

  • ???


Quests related to Arkemyr's Manor

  • ???

Arkemyr's Manor Map



Arkemyr's Manor Notes & Tips

  • The weakened wall leads to the Luminous Bathhouse's boiler room. You can use might or a hammer and chisel to clear it (doing so alerts any remaining imps, though).
  • Other notes...



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