Inspirations are Attribute-related buffs in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. They are often obtained as part of Abilities, that are related to player Classes and Subclasses. Inspiration counters and grants Immunity to any and all Afflictions related to the corresponding Attribute.

This page lists the known inpirations in the game, as well as their default icons, that you may find by mousing over the skills and triggering tooltips.


Inspirations in POE2: Deadfire


might Might Inspirations

These inspirations are related to the Might Attribute. Any of them counter Dazed, Staggered and Stunned Afflictions.

strong pillars 2 deadfire  Strong (+5 Might)


tenacious pillars 2 deadfire Tenacious (+5 Might, + 2 Penetration)


strong pillars 2 deadfire Energized (+5 Might, +2 PenetrationInterrupt enemies on Crit )


constitution Constitution Inspirations

These inspirations are related to the Constitution Attribute. Any of them counter Enfeebled, Sickened and Weakened Afflictions.

fit pillars 2 deadfire Fit (+5 Constitution)


hardy pillars 2 deadfire Hardy (+5 Constitution, + 2 Armor Rating)


hardy pillars 2 deadfire Robust (+5 Constitution, + 2 Armor Rating, regenerate Health periodically)


dexterity Dexterity Inspirations

These inspirations are related to the Dexterity Attribute. Any of them counter Hobbled, Immobilized and Paralyzed Afflictions.

 Quick (+5 Dexterity)


Nimble (+5 Dexterity, +100% Stride)


Swift (+5 Dexterity, +100% Stride, cannot be Engaged by enemies)


perception Perception Inspirations

These inspirations are related to the Perception Attribute. Any of them counter Blinded, Disoriented, Distracted Afflictions.

 Insightful (+5 Perception)


 Aware (+5 Perception, 50% Graze to Hit)


 Intuitive (+5 Perception, 50% Graze to Hit, 25% Hit to Critical Hit)


intellect Intellect Inspirations

These inspirations are related to the Intellect Attribute. Any of them counter Confused, Charmed and Dominated Afflictions.

Smart (+5 Intellect)


Acute (+5 Intellect, +1 Power Level)


Brilliant (+5 Intellect, +1 Power Level, periodically regain class resources)


resolve Resolve Inspirations

These inspirations are related to the Resolve Attribute. Any of them counter Frightened, Shaken, and Terrified Afflictions.

Steadfast (+5 Resolve)


Resolute (+5 Resolve, periodically gain Concentration)


Courageous (+5 Resolve, immune to Interrupt)



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      Might Inspirations Effect(s)
      Strong +5 Might
      Tenacious +5 Might, +2 Penetration
      Energized +5 Might, +2 Penetration, interrupt enemies on Crit

      Constitution Inspirations Effect(s)
      Fit +5 Constitution
      Hardy +5 Constitution, +2 Armor
      Robust +5 Constitution, +2 Armor, regenerate Health periodically

      Dexterity Inspirations Effect(s)
      Quick +5 Dexterity
      Nimble +5 Dexterity, +100% Stride
      Swift +5 Dexterity, +100% Stride, immune to Engagement

      Perception Inspirations Effect(s)
      Insightful +5 Perception
      Aware +5 Perception, 50% Graze-to-Hit
      Intuitive +5 Perception, 50% Graze-to-Hit, 25% Hit-to-Crit

      Intellect Inspirations Effect(s)
      Smart +5 Intellect
      Acute +5 Intellect, +1 all Power Levels
      Brilliant +5 Intellect, +1 all Power Levels, regenerate class resource periodically

      Resolve Inspirations Effect(s)
      Steadfast +5 Resolve
      Resolute +5 Resolve, gain Concentration periodically
      Courageous +5 Resolve, immune to Interrupt

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